Build a Strong Criminal Defense in Glendale, CA

Build a Strong Criminal Defense in Glendale, CA

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Flanagan & Grover, Attorneys at Law firmly believes that everyone deserves the right to reliable, nonjudgmental legal representation, no matter the crime. If you've been charged with a violent crime like homicide, you need to contact an experienced attorney immediately. We can be there for you in no time.

Contact us now to speak with a reputable homicide attorney in Glendale, CA. We're available 24/7, and we can even meet with you in jail.

We'll create a defense that's just right for you

California prosecutes violent crimes harshly, no matter what role you had to play in it. If you were an accessory to a homicide, you could face the same penalties as the person who committed it. Flanagan & Grover, Attorneys at Law can help you face your charges the right way. We can build a strong criminal defense on the grounds of:

  • Mistaken identification by a witness
  • Improper investigation techniques
  • Self-defense or defense of another
  • Violations of your due process rights
To get help from a homicide attorney, contact us today. We can come to your location in the Glendale, CA area right away.